A Vogel Ginko Biloba, Maidenhair Tree, 50ml

Brand: A.Vogel
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Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest healthcare herbs known to man. Fresh green leaves from the ginkgo biloba tree are gathered each spring to create a. vogel’s fresh herb tincture. Alfred vogel knew about the benefits of ginkgo biloba many years before it became popular in the west and had his own ginkgo biloba tree, planted on his return from Japan. This was has daily source of fresh ginkgo leaves which he regularly chewed as he grew older to absorb the benefits of the valuable juices.

Also known as the memory tree. Effective brain function requires a large amount of energy, which is dependent on a constant supply of glucose and oxygen. If the circulation to the brain is impeded, a chain reaction is triggered which may eventually lead to cell and tissue damage and even the death of these structures.

  • Made from freshly harvested ginkgo biloba leaves
  • Improves oxygen and glucose utilisation by the tissues
  • Helps to maintain a healthy circulation
  • Helps to maintain and benefit the blood flow to the brain which is important as one gets older
  • Can be helpful for cold hands and feet, raynauds disease

Ginkgo biloba drops - tinctures of fresh Ginkgo biloba leaves extracted in alcohol (66% v/v).

Brand: A.Vogel

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