BreathRx Starter Kit

Brand: BreathRx
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The #1 dentist-recommended breath care system

Clinically proven to reduce bad breath 3x better*

Lasting fresh breath in 3 easy steps

Lasting fresh breath in 3 easy stepsDon't just mask odors, eliminate them in 3 easy steps - brush, scrape, rinse.

  • Step 1: Brush away odor-causing plaque with BreathRx Whitening toothpaste.
  • Step 2: Get to the bacteria that hides within the uneven surface of your tongue with the BreathRx tongue spray and tongue cleaner. The active ingredient in the spray kills bad breath bacteria on contact and neutralizes odors. The flexible tongue cleaner gently removes bacteria build-up from the tongue.
  • Step 3: Rinse away the remaining germs and debris with the BreathRx antibacterial mouth rinse.
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Brand: BreathRx

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