DenTek Professional Whitening Polisher

Brand: Dentek
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Professional Whitening Polisher

Remove stains without any harsh chemicals or messy, time consuming strips.

Breakthrough Innovation
Introducing a breakthrough innovation in at-home whitening-a superior beauty tool that goes beyond brushing, strips, and gels to instantly whiten and brighten your teeth.

Maximum Shine
Unique application system has a bristle-free flexible polishing tip that contours perfectly to each tooth for more effective contact than brushing, for a maximum shine.

Once a Week
Each kit comes with one power tooth whitener, and a two month supply for whitening gel and replaceable polishing tips.

Product Features

  • No harsh chemical
  • For a brighter, whiter smile in one use
  • Instantly whitens in under 3 minutes
  • 8 weekly treatments
  • Gently whitens in one use without harsh chemical
  • Gentle on teeth
  • Whitening tech
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Brand: Dentek

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