Crest 3D White Monthly Whitening Boost Whitestrips - Teeth Whitening Kit

Brand: Crest
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To keep your smile brilliantly white, just use Crest 3D White Monthly Whitening Boost for one hour once a month. These strips provide the boost you need to keep your smile radiant all year long.

Crest 3D White Monthly Whitening Boost Whitestrips:

  • Give your white smile a monthly boost between teeth whitening treatments
  • Can be used once a month for 1 hour to give you noticeable whitening after just one strip
  • Use the same enamel-safe whitening agent that dentists use
  • Advanced Seal™ Technology’s no slip grip stays put. No slipping, no sliding!
  • Whitestrips are so easy to use: you can whiten while you walk, talk, work, even drink water
  • The strips mold to the shape of your teeth and come off clean
  • 24 Strips - 12 Treatments
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Brand: Crest

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